How Long To Approve A Michigan Medical Marijuana Card?

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Program (the MMMP), which was voted for in 2008 by residents of the state, has ensured the provision of high-quality MMJ treatment for those who need it ever since. Medical marijuana can provide relief for sufferers of many conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain

For an in-depth look at the medical conditions commonly treated or helped through MMJ use, you can check out our blog here. The important thing to know is that MMJ can only be legally and safely purchased (in states where it is permitted) by using a valid MMJ card.

Many of the rules surrounding MMJ use vary from state to state, but regardless of the local regulations, an MMJ card is a necessity. Michigan is no exception, and we will shortly be going through the application process and timeline for your Michigan MMJ card application. 

Image by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash: Can you get a medical card same day in Michigan?

Image by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash: Can you get a medical card same day in Michigan?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Marijuana License In Michigan?

How fast can you get a medical card in Michigan? According to Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, processing an MMJ card application can take up to five weeks. If you have submitted an application and have been waiting for longer than this timeframe for a response, you are encouraged to contact the office directly on 517-284-6400. This is important to ensure that any potential issues are resolved, and that your MMJ card can be processed in a timely fashion (or that you clarify any information needed).

Remember that until you have your Michigan MMJ card, you cannot legally purchase MMJ in the state’s dispensaries – even if you have followed all the application steps correctly thus far. Can you get a medical card same day in Michigan? The answer is likely no – while the application process is relatively streamlined, it still takes a little time to undergo your physician’s consultation, to submit your application form and receive your MMJ card.

Image by GreenForce Staffing on Unsplash: How long does it take to get a marijuana license in Michigan?

Image by GreenForce Staffing on Unsplash: How long does it take to get a marijuana license in Michigan?

How Do I Apply For My Michigan MMJ Card?

To complete your Michigan medical license application (for your MMJ card), you need to follow several steps. You can apply either online or by mail. However, only those who apply online will receive an email response. 

Online application:

  1. Create an online patient account for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) Patient Registry Card. You must be an adult patient without a caregiver to do so. If you are a current patient and want to apply with a caregiver or keep one, you must apply via mail instead. 
  2. Submit your physician’s certification of your medical condition. If you are renewing your MMJ card, you require re-certification by a physician. 
  3. Receive your denial or confirmation via email.

Mail application:

  1. Make sure you check the most recent application information online, and sign and complete the application as per this information. 
  2. Complete your physician’s consultation and receive their certification (including their signature). Ensure that these documents are no more than six months old by the time they reach the MMMP for processing. 
  3. Make a copy of the front side of your Michigan state ID: driver’s license, state ID or signed voter’s registration plus a government-issued document with voter’s name and date of birth. If you are acting as a legal guardian or Medical Durable Power of Attorney for the applicant, make sure you include the correct documents for this as well – typically, proof of legal guardianship and proof of Michigan residency. 
  4. Send the required documents and your application form in one envelope to:

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program
PO Box 30083
Lansing, MI 48909

NB. Ensure you make a copy of all documents you send!

What Will My Michigan MMJ Card Allow Me To Do?

Your Michigan MMJ card gives you access to the state’s many dispensaries, which supply a wide variety of MMJ products. These products can include vapes, edibles, lotions, oils, serums as well as pre-rolled joints. Remember that these items can only be legally purchased with a valid Michigan MMJ card.

How Long Does Michigan Take To Approve A Medical Marijuana Card?

To sum up, applying for your Michigan MMJ card has many benefits – it gives you access to the state’s MMJ program so you can safely purchase the products to help with your medical condition. Applying for the MMJ card in Michigan is not an overly complicated process, but it can take some time. If you have applied online or by post and have received no response in over five weeks, you should directly contact the MMMP office to verify the status of your application and resolve any problems.

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