50 Mind-Blowing High Questions To Ponder When You’re Stoned

Man smoking thinking of high questions

While we love THC and CBD for their psychedelic and medicinal kicks, one of our favorite parts of the cannabis experience is the high questions that appear out of nowhere when we’re enjoying the ride.

They keep us amused and give us something to ponder and debate while we pass the joint around the circle.

Most times, we wish we would’ve written them down because we’re sure there was some gold in there somewhere. So we took the initiative and collected our favorite high questions in one place for future reference.


What Are High Questions?

High questions are thoughts that give a different perspective of the mundane facts and activities of regular life.

Sometimes, these ideas fall into your head after one or two tokes. Sometimes, they’re the result of deep conversations with your friends. And, other times, you go into the smoke sesh with a particular high question in mind.

However they come to you, high questions have the potential to blow your mind and keep you occupied for hours on end (or until the munchies hit).

High Questions That Will Blow Your Mind

Woman looking to the sky thinking of high questions

1) New Fodder For The Conspiracy Theorists

What if we can actually breathe in space, but the government doesn’t want us to escape?

2) Makes Sense But Life Ain’t Logical

If 55 is fifty-five and 44 is forty-four, shouldn’t 11 be onety-one?

3) We’re Working To Get This In The Dictionary

You don’t cook cookies, you bake them. So, why aren’t they called bakies?

4) Ambigrams Are Awesome

Have you ever noticed that swims is the word swims upside down?

5) Think About It

If two telepaths read each other’s minds, whose mind are they reading?

6) It’s Magic

Why does glue stick to everything but the inside of the glue bottle?

7) Now We’re Panicking

If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we know?

8) Set It And Forget It

Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?

9) This One Takes A Bit Of Thought

If you work as security at a Samsung store, does that make you a guardian of the galaxy?

10) Kind Of Frightening

Are there really more nipples in the world than there are people?

11) Next

Books at a library

Have there been times and events you’ve lived through that will later be in the history books as important, but during which you basically just shrugged and moved on with your life?

12) Was Clothing Ever Weird?

Was there ever a time in human history when it was weirder to see someone in clothing than it was to see them without clothing?

13) Never Mind

How many inventions throughout history have been delayed or abandoned because the person with the original thought assumed it was such a good idea that it must already be a thing?

14) Now That’s Aggressive

Did the first person to knock on a door think, “I’m going to punch your house until you come out and talk to me”?

15) Physics Is Crazy

If we built a mirror one light year away from Earth and faced it toward the planet, could we watch what we did two years ago two years from now?

16) What’s Out There?

If the universe is always expanding, does that mean that the amount of space available for that expansion is infinite?

17) It’s A Valid Question

Why do we tie our shoes the way we do when there are so many other knots out there?

18) Grunt Grunt

When you ask someone their name, are you basically asking them what noise you should make to get their attention?

19) Far Out

Did aliens invade the moon on July 20, 1969?

20) She’s Been A Bad Girl

Was Dorothy really the villain in The Wizard Of Oz? She did kill the first person she met and then teamed up with three strangers to kill again.

21) The New Motto Of Marijuana Advocates

Nuggets of marijuana

Is making a plant illegal saying that God was wrong?

22) Rather Illuminating

Are lamps in video games using real electricity?

23) A New State Of Matter

Is cheese just a loaf of milk?

24) I Guess So

Are arms for your chair just chairs for your arms?

25) Technically, Yes

Is bombing for peace like having sex for virginity?

26) Chug This During The Big Game

Ketchup is a liquid made from fruit and contains 20% sugar. Does that make it a sports drink?

27) Best Job Ever

Is the gym the only place where the customers work harder than the employees?

28) I’m Salivating Just Thinking About It

Did Pavlov think about feeding his dogs every time someone rang a bell?

29) It’s A Marketing Ploy

Is the reason women’s clothing has fake pockets to keep purses relevant?

30) Good One

Is clapping just high-fiving yourself for someone else’s good work?

31) Safety First

Is it OK to open a pop right after an earthquake?

32) Good Point

Brunch meal

Why can I eat the same breakfast every day without complaint, but not the same dinner?

33) Break Your Fast

Is it impossible to skip breakfast?

34) Redundancy

Why do people say “tuna fish,” but not “beef mammal” or “chicken bird”?

35) Cats Rule

What if the Egyptians didn’t actually revere cats, but only jokingly did like we do on the internet?

36) It’s All Relative

If we ever colonize another planet, how will we determine age?

37) Say It Ain’t So

Can Chewbacca even say “Chewbacca”?

38) Your Favorite Or Theirs?

Dog walking on a log

Does your dog keep bringing you the same toy because it’s their favorite or because they think it’s your favorite?

39) It’s A Paradox

Is the object of golf really to play the least amount of golf?

40) Scary Thought

What if all the Ancient Greek sculptures are actually victims of Medusa?

41) Bark Bark

Do dogs think in barks?

42) Triage

If the lead doctor suddenly collapsed while performing a surgery, would the other doctors and nurses assist the unconscious patient or the unconscious doctor?

43) Unrecognizable

How many times have you seen the same wild bird?

44) Greedy Bastards

What if government officials and Big Pharma know that cannabis is the cure for everything that ails us, but they want to keep us taking synthetic meds so they can make a profit?

45) Evolution Is A Scam

If people evolved from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist?

46) I Have No Idea

If it’s zero degrees today and it’s going to be twice as warm tomorrow, what will the temperature be?

47) Valid Point

If you’re bald, what hair color do they put on your license?

48) Just A Little Bit

Instead of superstitious, can you be a little stitious?

49) A Time Machine

If time is money, is an ATM a time machine?

50) Equal Time

Why don’t we have Thanksgiving music?

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If that’s not confusing to the inexperienced cannaenthusiast, we don’t know what is. But, trust us, it’ll start to make sense the more you use the words. For more information on these four designations (including how they got their names), check out this article from the HMJ blog: The Differences Between Beasters, Headies, Mids, And Regs.

When you’re shopping for cannabis, opt for beasters, or, better yet, headies if you can afford it (these are the two highest qualities of weed). Your stash will last longer (because you don’t have to use as much), you’ll get more mileage from a small amount, and the experience will be out of this world.

If you can’t find the first two, mids will do in a pinch, but always shy away from regs (the literal bottom of the barrel) unless you have no other choice.

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